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Acupuncture is the traditional Chinese veterinary medical(TCVM) practice of using small needles to stimulate specific points over the body for therapeutic effects. These points are located on ‘channels’ throughoutthe body based on theories which have been used for thousands of years.Traditional practice is based on the belief that energy flows through the bodyto maintain balance of health. Pain or disease processes cause a change in thenormal energy of the body, and by stimulating specific acupoints the goal is torestore balance and relieve discomfort. Acupuncture has many benefits, andalthough commonly used for pain relief, is also used for reducing inflammation,increasing circulation and overall well being. Some of the many conditions thatmay benefit from acupuncture include muscle soreness, back pain, arthritis,neurological disorders, allergy issues and gastrointestinal disorders.Acupuncture is often utilized as a complimentary therapy, working best whencombined with conventional veterinary medicine, and integrating both treatmentpractices offers the most comprehensive way to maintain your pet’s comfort. If you have further questions about acupuncture, or feel your pet may benefit from it, please call our office for a consultation with Dr. Nicole Zaccheo.